What's New
Date Event
17 July 2019 "HK Connect" Booklet
5 July 2019 Home Baking Lab - Passing hapiness in Hong Kong (Shopping Design, Issue 128) (Chinese only)
1 July 2019 The New Experience Economy starts a Retail Revolution in Hong Kong (Global Views Monthly, issue 397)(Chinese only)
28 Jun 2019 Clarification on Inaccurate Allegation about the Hong Kong Economic, Trade and Cultural Office’s Sponsorship for a Taiwan Group
27 Jun 2019 Common Recruitment Examination ("CRE") and Basic Law Test ("BLT") in 2019
17, 24 & 31 May 2019 Exchanges with Hong Kong Students Studying in Taiwan
1 June 2019 Mom's Dry Noodle - Finding Warmth by Delicacies (Shopping Design, Issue 127) (Chinese only)
19 Jun to 2 Jul 2019 Introduction of Hong Kong performing arts groups: Zuni Icosahedron (CommonWealth Magazine’s column, issue 675) (Chinese only)
1 Jun to 30 Jun 2019 Taking a nature tour to experience the peaceful wild side of Hong Kong (Global Views Monthly, issue 396)(Chinese only)
24 May 2019 "The Tour of Prof Jao Tsung-I" Cultural Forum
24 May 2019 HKETCO jointly organised Hong Kong-Miaoli Economic Co-operation Seminar