What's New
Date Event
1 Jun to 30 Jun 2019 Taking a nature tour to experience the peaceful wild side of Hong Kong (Global Views Monthly, issue 396)(Chinese only)
24 May 2019 "The Tour of Prof Jao Tsung-I" Cultural Forum
24 May 2019 HKETCO jointly organised Hong Kong-Miaoli Economic Co-operation Seminar
14 May 2019 Common Recruitment Examination ("CRE") and Basic Law Test ("BLT") in 2019
30 Apr 2019 Exchange with Representatives of Universities in Taiwan
April 2019 Exchange of Hong Kong and Taiwan Amateur Footballers
1 Apr to 30 Apr 2019 "Tai Kwun" – Centre for Heritage and Arts (Global Views Monthly, issue 394)(Chinese only)
5 March 2019 2019 Spring Reception
12 Feb to 17 Feb 2019 Hong Kong Pavilion at Taipei International Book Exhibition
2 Feb to 24 Feb 2019 Hong Kong lantern area at 2019 Nantou Lantern Festival
1 Feb to 28 Feb 2019 Hong Kong Arts Festival presents an array of diversified and wonderful performances (Global Views Monthly, issue 392)(Chinese only)