Art & Culture @ Hong Kong

"Art & Culture@Hong Kong" shows an array of fascinating facets about Hong Kong. The attractively designed picture book presents the latest about the cosmopolitan city’s art, culture, design, green efforts, creative industry personalities, heritage revitalisation, as well as its unique blend of East and West.

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The special booklet "HONG KONG x TAIWAN -- ASIA'S NEW POWER" gives a comprehensive introduction of the opportunities and prospects of economic cooperation between Hong Kong and Taiwan from different perspectives, including trade, investment, finance, logistics, human resources and tourism .

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"Taiwan Success Stories in Hong Kong"

Featuring experience of 14 Taiwan companies successfully established their foothold in Hong Kong, the booklet, "Taiwan Success Stories in Hong Kong", introduces the excellent business advantages and opportunities in Hong Kong to Taiwan enterprises.

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Hong Kong Heritage Walk

Featuring the revitalisation of 12 historic buildings in Hong Kong, the booklet, "Hong Kong Heritage Walk", is published to promote in-depth cultural tourism to the Taiwan community.

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"HK Connect" Booklet

The booklet "HK Connect" introduces Hong Kong from different perspectives, presenting an overview of its cityscape, and featuring its multifaceted character, including diversified culture, independent judiciary, free economy, world-class elites, as well as a transport hub for Asia.

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