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Date Title
1 Jul to
31 Jul 2017
Concerted efforts to save energy and achieve carbon reduction targets in Hong Kong for combating climate change (Global Views Monthly, Issue 373) (Chinese Only)
1 Apr to
30 Apr 2017
Hong Kong to promote digital inclusion to improve quality of living (Global Views Monthly, Issue 370) (Chinese Only)
1 Feb to
28 Feb 2017
Marathon races promote healthy living and social caring of Hong Kong people (Global Views Monthly, Issue 368) (Chinese Only)


Date Title
1 Dec to
31 Dec 2016
Hong Kong to organise Asian Financial Forum to discuss developments and trends in global financial market (Global Views Monthly, Issue No. 366) (Chinese Only)
1 Oct to
31 Oct 2016
The creativity of young entrepreneurs in innovation and technology industries (Global Views Monthly, Issue No. 364) (Chinese Only)
1 Aug to
31 Aug 2016
Hong Kong determined to develop as regional innovation and technology hub (Global Views Monthly, Issue No. 362) (Chinese Only)