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CommonWealth Magazine’s column


Date Title
29 Apr to 12 May, 2015 Interview with Mr Ambrose HO, Chairman of the Communications Authority (CommonWealth Magazine, Issue No. 571)(Chinese Only)
4 Mar to 17 Mar, 2015 Interview with Ms Jenny Koo,Director, Service Promotion, Hong Kong Trade Development Council (CommonWealth Magazine, Issue No. 567)(Chinese Only)
4 Feb to 3 Mar, 2015 Interview with Prof. Wong Suk-Ying, Director of Admissions and Financial Aid, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CommonWealth Magazine, Issue No. 566)(Chinese Only)
21 Jan to 3 Feb, 2015 Interview with Professor Ching Pak-chung, Chairman of the Hong Kong Council for Testing and Certification and Mr Felix Chan, Chairman of Hong Kong Association for Testing, Inspection and Certification Limited. (CommonWealth Magazine, Issue No. 565)(Chinese Only)


Date Title
27 Dec, 2014 to 6 Jan, 2015 Interview with Laura Cha, Chairman of Hong Kong Financial Services Development Council and Raymond Yip, Deputy Executive Director, Hong Kong Trade Development Council (CommonWealth Magazine, Issue No. 563) (Chinese Only)
26 Nov to 9 Dec, 2014 Interview with Tisa Ho, Executive Director, Hong Kong Arts Festival (CommonWealth Magazine, Issue No. 561) (Chinese Only)
29 Oct to 4 Nov, 2014 Interview with Mr Freeman Lau, Vice Chairman, Hong Kong Design Centre (CommonWealth Magazine, Issue No. 559) (Chinese Only)
17 Sep to 30 Sep, 2014 Interview with Mr Louis Yu, Executive Director, Performing Arts of WKCDA (CommonWealth Magazine, Issue No. 556)(Chinese Only)
20 Aug to 2 Sep, 2014 Interview with Director of Dazzling Cafe, Ms Janet Yang (CommonWealth Magazine, Issue No. 555) (Chinese only)
23 Jul to 5 Aug, 2014 Interview with Mr Victor Tsang, Executive Director of PMQ Management Co Ltd (CommonWealth Magazine, Issue No. 552) (Chinese only)
25 Jun to 8 Jul, 2014 Interview with Professor Andy Guo, Dean of the College of Management, Taiwan University (CommonWealth Magazine, Issue No. 550) (Chinese only)
28 May to 10 Jun, 2014 Interview with Chairman of the Hong Kong-Taiwan Business Co-operation Committee, Mr David Lie (CommonWealth Magazine, Issue No. 548) (Chinese only)