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Date Title
1 Feb 2019 Accupass's Entering Hong Kong Due to Her Dense Population (Business Next, Issue 296) (Chinese only)
1 Jan 2019 Amaryllo's Entering Hong Kong for a Smooth Global Operational Capital Flow (Business Next, Issue 295) (Chinese only)


Date Title
1 Aug 2018 IDGate Gets the best out of Hong Kong and Beyond (Business Next, Issue 291) (Chinese only)
1 Jun 2018 Cloudmile capitalises on its advantages and launches its AI service in Hong Kong (Business Next, Issue 289) (Chinese only)
1 May 2018 LuggAgent uses Hong Kong as a base to develop a world-class service brand (Business Next, Issue 288) (Chinese only)


Date Title
8 Sep 2016 Hong Kong - the ideal place to do business (Business Next, Issue 268) (Chinese only)