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Interview column at Global Views Monthly


Date Title
Mar 2014 Interview on Hong Kong-Taiwan co-operation on RMB business (Chinese only)
Feb 2014 Interview on Hong Kong and Taiwan art festivals (Chinese only)
Jan 2014 Interview on "A Parallel Tale: Taipei in 80s x Hong Kong in 90s" exhibition (Chinese only)


Date Title
Dec 2013 Interview about Hong Kong and Taiwan cheongsam exhibitions (Chinese only)
Nov 2013 Interview with Convenors of Hong Kong-Taiwan Cultural Co-operation Committee and Taiwan-Hong Kong Cultural Co-operation Committee, Mr Frederic Mao and Mr Lo Chih-cheng (Chinese only)
Oct 2013 Interview on Hong Kong-Taiwan Economic Cooperation (Chinese only)
Sep 2013 Interview about Hong Kong and Taiwan's business environment (Chinese only)
Aug 2013 Interview with Chairman of Antiquities Advisory Board, Mr Andrew Lam, and Chairperson of Graduate Institute of Architecture and Cultural Heritage, Mr Lin Hui-cheng, on heritage conservation (Chinese only)
Jul 2013 Interview with HKBU’s Prof Jonathan Wong and NTU’s Prof Ma Hsiao-kan on waste management (Chinese only)
Jun 2013 Interview with ECCPC’s Chairman and THEC’s Chairperson (Chinese only)