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30 Magazine’s column


Date Title
1 Apr to 30 Apr, 2016 Art development in Hong Kong (30 Magazine, Issue No. 140) (Chinese Only)
1 Feb to 29 Feb, 2016 The development of animation industry in Hong Kong (30 Magazine, Issue No. 138) (Chinese Only)


Date Title
1 Dec to 31 Dec, 2015 The development of social enterprises in Hong Kong and Taiwan. (30 Magazine, Issue No. 136) (Chinese Only)
1 Oct to 31 Oct, 2015 Interview with Ada Ying Kay Wong, JP, the Convenor and Director of The Good Lab and Rui Teng Kao, Co-Founder of CLBC Taipei. (30 Magazine, Issue No. 134) (Chinese Only)
1 Aug to 31 Aug, 2015 Interview with Ivana Lai, Executive Producer of Intoxic Studio and Tim Wong, Co-founder of FabCafe Taipei (30 Magazine, Issue No. 132) (Chinese Only)
1 Jun to 30 Jun, 2015 Interview with Dorophy Tang, Hong Kong Artist and Qing Fu Wang, Taiwan Designer (30 Magazine, Issue No. 130) (Chinese Only)