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Hong Kong Week 2015 at Taipei (10 September to 11 October 2015)

The annual cultural exchange event of Hong Kong and Taiwan, Hong Kong Week 2015, was held in Taipei between 10 September and 11 October. The event was presented by the Hong Kong-Taiwan Cultural Co-operation Committee (HKTCCC) in association with the Hong Kong Economic, Trade and Cultural Office (HKETCO), and supported by the Hong Kong Tourism Board and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council. With the theme this year of "Arts through Time", Hong Kong Week featured three large-scale exhibitions, three performing arts programmes, a performing arts forum as well as a wide range of extension activities, showcasing the creation and passing on of legacies in different artistic fields in Hong Kong to the people in Taiwan.

The Director of HKETCO, Mr Rex Chang, and Convenor of HKTCCC, Mr Fredric Mao, speak at the opening reception of Hong Kong Week 2015.

To tie in with the opening of Hong Kong Week 2015, HKETCO set up a double-decker tram and other installations at the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park and screened clips containing sketches of Hong Kong's streets, giving members of the public in Taiwan a taste of Hong Kong's unique glamour.

The Hong Kong Week 2015 performing arts forum was held at Eslite Xinyi store on 12 September under the theme "Arts through Time – Arts training and the future development of the performing arts". Mr Fredric Mao, Mr Willy Tsao and Mr Law Wing-fai, all renowned figures from the arts sector in Hong Kong, were invited to discuss the future development of performing arts and talent training from the perspectives of drama, dancing and music. Representatives from Taiwan's related sectors, Ms Wang An-chi, Mr Zhang Hsiao-hsiung and Mr Chen Nien-chou, were invited as guest respondents, while Ms Jung Shu-hua acted as moderator.