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2014 Hong Kong-Taiwan Economic Co-operation Forum @ Taipei (10 December 2014)

The 2014 Hong Kong-Taiwan Economic Co-operation Forum was held in Taipei on 10 December to explore the new collaboration opportunities in financial services in the Asia-Pacific region. The forum was attended by about 250 participants, including economic and financial experts, academics and members of the industrial and business sectors from Hong Kong and Taiwan. They discussed how the financial co-operation between Hong Kong and Taiwan could be enhanced in view of the rapid economic growth in the Asia-Pacific region, including the development of offshore Renminbi business and co-operation in the securities market.

The officiating guests are joined by other guest speakers in a group photo.

The Director of the Hong Kong Economic, Trade and Cultural Office, Mr John Leung, delivers a welcome speech.

The speakers of the forum, (from left) the Chief Executive Officer of Standard Chartered Bank (Taiwan), Mr John Tan; the Chairman of Hua Nan Financial Holdings Company Limited, Mr Liu Teng-cheng; the Under Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury, Mr James Lau; and the Managing Director of the Bellwether International Group, Ms Christina Liu, joins a panel discussion.

The speakers, (from left) the Board Chairman of Mega Securities Company Limited, Dr Darby Liu; the Managing Director and Head of Mainland Development at the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited, Mr Mao Zhirong; and the Chairman of the Hong Kong-Taiwan Business Co-operation Committee, Mr David Lie, discuss the co-operation opportunities in securities between Hong Kong and Taiwan.