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Art & Culture @ Hong Kong" Cultural Talk Series in July

The third event of the "Art & Culture @ Hong Kong" cultural talk series was held in @Studio in Taichung on 12 July. Hosted by Taiwan artist Yen Chung Hsien, the seminar featured renowned Hong Kong design master Mr Kan Tai-Keung, who was invited to speak on the application of Chinese ink painting in graphic design.

The cultural talk series was held by the Hong Kong Economic, Trade and Cultural Office (HKETCO) with a view to promoting Hong Kong’s arts and culture. A distinguished Hong Kong cultural leader would be invited to speak at each of the six talks from May to October this year, covering such topics as humanities, photography, food, fashion, design and xiqu.

Mr Kan shares the philosophy of his works.

Mr Kan (left) and HKETCO Director, Mr John Leung (middle) in a group photo.