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HKETCO hosts luncheon to welcome HK Phil's visit to Taipei (11.12.2013)

The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra (HK Phil) presented "Jaap's Shostakovich 5" at the Zhongshan Hall of Taipei in the evening of 11 December 2013. The performance was one of the two performing arts programmes of "Hong Kong Week 2013". In the afternoon, the Hong Kong Economic, Trade and Cultural Office hosted a luncheon to welcome HK Phil's visit. The luncheon, attended by some board members and musicians of the orchestra as well as business and cultural personalities from both Hong Kong and Taiwan, provided a good opportunity for cultural exchange.

The luncheon in progress.

The luncheon in progress.

YS Liu speaking

The Board Chairman of HK Phil, Mr YS Liu, speaks during the luncheon.

Jaap van Zweden speaking

The Music Director of HK Phil, Mr Jaap van Zweden, gives his remarks during the luncheon.