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HKETCO receives the Better Hong Kong Foundation’s Delegation to Taiwan (16-17.4.2013)

The Better Hong Kong Foundation (“the Foundation”) organised a delegation to visit Taiwan on 16-19 April 2013. The Hong Kong Economic, Trade and Cultural Office (HKETCO) provided support in itinerary arrangement and received the Delegation. On 16 April, HKETCO hosted a welcoming dinner for the Delegation. HKETCO Director Mr John Leung spoke during the event.

On 17 April, HKETCO received the Delegation in a breakfast meeting at the office. Mr John Leung briefed members of the Delegation on HKETCO’s work.

Mr John Leung (left) presents HKETCO’s publications to Mr Philip Ma, Council Member of the Foundation and Head of the Delegation.

Mr John Leung (eighth right) with Tan Sri Dato’ David Chiu (ninth right), Trustee of the Foundation, Mr Philip Ma (seventh right), Council Member of the Foundation and Head of the Delegation, other members of the Delegation and HKETCO staff in a group photo.