Hong Kong - a Cosmopolitan City

Scene of Central, Hong Kong

As Asia’s World City, Hong Kong is a vibrant city and a major gateway to the Mainland China and international markets. With a business-friendly environment, rule of law, free trade and free flow of information, open and fair competition, high quality business and professional services, well-established and comprehensive financial networks, world-class transport and communications infrastructure, low and simple tax regime, and active promotion of innovation and technology development, Hong Kong is an ideal place for enterprises around the world to expand their business.

Hong Kong is an ideal platform for enterprises from Taiwan to enter the Mainland China and international markets

Enterprises from Taiwan in Hong Kong

In 2020, Taiwan was Hong Kong's second largest trading partner. Over 350 enterprises headquartered in Taiwan have established their footholds in Hong Kong, 28 of which have set up their regional headquarters in Hong Kong. Enterprises from Taiwan in Hong Kong form a diversified group, operating actively in various sectors such as finance and insurance, trade services, electronic products, tourism and hospitality, creative industries, as well as wholesaling and retailing. In recent years, IPU assisted a number of enterprises from Taiwan in setting up their business in Hong Kong. They include, for example, eslite Corporation, Fubon Life Insurance and Cathay Securities Corporation*.

*The list is not exhaustive due to limited space.

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