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What's New
Date Event
1 Aug 2018 IDGate Gets the best out of Hong Kong and Beyond (Business Next, Issue 291) (Chinese only)
9 Jul 2018 Common Recruitment Examination and Basic Law Test in 2018
5 Jul 2018 HKETCO jointly organised Hong Kong-Hualien Economic Co-operation Seminar
4 Jul to 11 Jul 2018 Biotech blossoms in Hong Kong (CommonWealth Magazine’s column, issue 651) (Chinese only)
1 June 2018 Cloudmile capitalises on its advantages and launches its AI service in Hong Kong (Business Next, Issue 289) (Chinese only)
23 May to 5 Jun 2018 Hong Kong -- from financial centre towards global Fintech hub (CommonWealth Magazine’s column, issue 648) (Chinese only)
17 May 2018 HKETCO jointly organised a seminar on financial technologies in New Taipei City
5 to 19 May 2018 2018 “Hong Kong Delights” cultural exhibition at Taitung
1 May 2018 LuggAgent uses Hong Kong as a base to develop a world-class service brand (Business Next, Issue 288) (Chinese only)
8 May 2018 Internship programmes of HKETCO
28 Apr to 29 Apr 2018 HKETCO Cup Football Competition 2018

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