What's New
Date Event
1 July to 31 July 2017 Concerted efforts to save energy and achieve carbon reduction targets in Hong Kong for combating climate change (Global Views Monthly, Issue 373) (Chinese Only)
29 May to 4 June 2017 With technology and Internet, Hong Kong's startups make business success (Business Today’s column, Issue 1066) (Chinese Only)
17 May 2017 Career Talk cum Reception for Hong Kong Students Studying in Taiwan
19 April 2017 “Internship programmes of HKETCO” and “2017 Post-Secondary Student Summer Internship Programme” opened for application
1 April to
30 April 2017
Hong Kong to promote digital inclusion to improve quality of living (Global Views Monthly, Issue 370) (Chinese Only)
31 Mar 2017 Common Recruitment Examination and Basic Law Test in 2017
27 Mar to 2 Apr 2017 Hong Kong's soft power in design industry (Business Today's column, Issue 1057) (Chinese Only)
1 Feb to 28 Feb 2017 Marathon races promote healthy living and social caring of Hong Kong people(Global Views Monthly, Issue 368) (Chinese Only)
30 Jan to 12 Feb 2017 Hong Kong Arts Month presents a wide spectrum of arts and cultural programmes to visitors (Business Today's column, Issue 1049-1050) (Chinese Only)
1 Dec to 31 Dec 2016 Hong Kong to organise Asian Financial Forum to discuss developments and trends in global financial market (Global Views Monthly, Issue No. 366) (Chinese Only)

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