What's New
Date Event
31 Jan to 27 Feb 2018 A highlight event in Hong Kong each March - Hong Kong Arts Month presents inspirational global arts and cultural programmes (CommonWealth Magazine’s column, issue 641) (Chinese only)
26 Dec 2017 Administrative Service Summer Internship Programme 2018
14 Dec 2017 The Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarship Scheme
6 Dec 2017 to 2 Jan 2018 Smart Hong Kong: liveable and sustainable smart city (CommonWealthMagazine’s column, issue 637) (Chinese Only)
21 Nov 2017 Dinners for Hong Kong Students Studying in Taiwan
8 Nov to 21 Nov 2017 Development of innovation and technology in Hong Kong (CommonWealth Magazine’s column, Issue 635) (Chinese Only)
27 Sep to 10 Oct 2017 Hong Kong's advantages and future opportunities (CommonWealth Magazine’s column, Issue 632) (Chinese Only)
18 Sep 2017 2017/18 – Administrative Officer / Executive Officer II / Assistant Trade Officer II Recruitment Exercises
14 Sep 2017 Common Recruitment Examinations and Basic Law Tests in 2017
Sep 2017 Career Talks for Hong Kong Students Studying in Taiwan

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